My Little Moments
My Little Moments
My Little Moments

My Little Moments

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Capture the important moments of your tiny human's first year.

Includes 32 beautifully designed milestones to capture those special events. From their first smile to their first steps and everything in between.

16 double sided cards measuring 150mm x 105mm.

Messages on the cards include: 

  • Today I got my first tooth
  • I crawled for the first time today
  • My first xmas
  • OMG! I can stand now
  • Today I sat up on my own!
  • My first mother's day
  • My first father's day
  • My first easter
  • I'm up to no good!
  • I slept through for the first time
  • I smiled for the first time ever
  • Yum! I just ate my first food
  • I said my first word today
  • Today I took my first steps
  • Yay! I can roll over
  • 1 week today
  • 2 weeks today
  • 3 weeks today
  • 1 month today
  • 2 months today
  • 3 months today
  • 4 months today
  • 5 months today
  • 6 months today
  • 7 months today
  • 8 months today
  • 9 months today
  • 10 months today
  • 11 months today
  • It's my 1st birthday

Designed by Sprout and Sparrow and made in Melbourne.