Klorofil The Apples Delight
Klorofil The Apples Delight

Klorofil The Apples Delight

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The Apple Delight, a friendly tea room to spend time with friends!

From the outside, a pretty display showcases all the delicacies. Surprise, by pressing the leaf button, «Pop!» the central tray turns and allows to discover new cakes! 
Fun, with each press on the sheet, different characters appear at the window!

Once opened, the apple reveals new surprises:
A counter magically appears from under the tray and can be fold. A staircase allows you to go upstairs and fold when you close the apple. 

With a carrying handle. Practical, everything is stored inside. 

Included: 1 exclusive character from Raccoon family, 2 removable cakes and 2 tables.

Recommended age : 18 months +