TOYI Creative Basic 128 Piece Set

TOYI Creative Basic 128 Piece Set

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Transform a water bottle into a robot or a pinecone into a cute monster with Toyi Basic 128 toy building set and create your own animals, creatures, vehicles, building and mechanism. Boys and girls aged 5+ will enjoy this Toyi playset while they learn upcycling through play and improve their creative thinking, communication, STEM skills and fine-motor, and hand-eye coordination. 

  • Transform Everything into Toys!
    Create endless toys with this eco-friendly creative building kit that enables children to transform everyday objects into unique toys. The Toyi experience does not end with the transformation; once children create a toy, another chapter begins where they play with it and improve it for as long as they want.
  • Coming to Life
    Toyi Basic 128 Creative Building Kit includes fun and unique parts such as wheels, feet, eyes, hands, joints, sticks, flexible connectors enabling your child’s creations to come to life. Toyi is not just a construction toy; the long periods where children play and have meaningful relationships with what they create is an important part of the Toyi experience. It is hard to get bored of Toyi.
  • Eco-friendly Toy for Eco-friendly Families
    Toyi Building Kit is sustainable in every sense: it uses 100% recycled plastic and paper; it teaches children upcycling through play by allowing them to upcycle disposable objects as key parts of their toys; and it has a long lifetime thanks to its potential for limitless transformations.
  • Ultimate Screen Time Antidote
    An ideal educational building toy for boys and girls aged 5 and up, it has everything children need for hours of hands on, open-ended and screen free play and learning.
  • 21st-century Skills Improving through Play
    Toyi Construction Set stimulates children’s creativity and develops the kid’s creative thinking, communication, STEM skills and fine-motor, and hand-eye coordination. 

Inside the Box
128 pieces of 8 different types of unique Toyi pieces

Including: 8 large flexible connector, 8 small flexible connector, 32 stick, 32 joint, 8 hand, 8 foot, 16 eye, 16 wheels