Willows Fairyland Play Set Mint

Willows Fairyland Play Set Mint

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Willow’s Fairyland is a gorgeous modern and minimal hand-sized house that is a doorway into the magical land of Fairies. 

It is a Fairy House that is portable, modern and fun. Not only is there a gorgeous white house with a fun coloured door, there is a quirky and beautifully illustrated book that will become a favourite night time read.

There are stickers which will allow the child to personalise their house and to top it all off, one of our favourite parts is a cool travel/play bag and mat, making the house totally portable.

This fairy house allows your kid to write to their very own fairy and their fairy will write back to them, hoping to help kids all over with any problems, anxieties or just queries they may have.

This fairy house is your way to connect with your fairy. Your fairy will introduce itself the first time you write to it, so remember to tell it your name also.

Talk to them about what’s happening in your life, first day of school, new friends in the playground, exciting holidays you are looking forward to…anything you like, whether they are troubling you or exciting you, the possibilities are limitless.

As you go to bed at night, write a note to your fairy, place it in the house, open the door….

Then in the morning if your fairy has been the door will be closed and a note will be inside the house for you to read.

Don’t panic if for some reason the fairy didn’t respond straight away, sometimes they get very busy and can only respond every couple of days, it doesn’t mean they are not thinking of you, they are always with you and always looking after you. They are also very small and it takes them a long time to write a note back to you.

Enjoy your fairy house wherever you go, take it with you to grandparents or friend’s houses and play with anywhere during the day, just remember to put in next to your bed before you go to sleep.