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Mr Maria Smiley Star Light
Mr Maria Smiley Star Light

Mr Maria Smiley Star Light

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Smiley is more than an icon, brand and lifestyle; it’s a spirit and a philosophy and exists to remind people of how powerful a smile is and how much a simple smile can change both your life and the lives of others around you. A true icon of positivity, happy as can be.

The happiest roommate you could have! This 25cm joyful globe shines a cozy light and can be placed anywhere you like. He'll fit by your bedside, on display in the living room or as a smiley colleague in your (home) office.

Use the yellow touch dimmer button located on the power cable to choose one of the 6 brightness settings. Smiley® illuminates the room for a cozy evening in. The last brightness setting, the nightmode, is an extremely soft glow that you can leave on for the night.

- Polyethylene
- 12 volt LED Module
- New touch dimmer cord - 6 different brightness settings including a nightmode
- Australian adaptor included
- Made and Designed in The Netherlands