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Very Berry Scented Gel Pens
Very Berry Scented Gel Pens

Very Berry Scented Gel Pens

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Product Description:
Transform your writing experience with OOLY’s strawberry-scented gel pens. Whether you’re jotting down notes, planning your day, or simply doodling, these pens let you dip your senses into a summer strawberry field.

Each pen in the 12-piece set releases a delightful strawberry aroma as it glides across the paper. This ensures your writing not only stands out visually with vibrant hues but also tantalises the senses with every stroke. The set brings you 12 distinct colours, yet each pen promises the same delightful berry aroma.

  • Key Features:

    🌟 Berry Sweet Aroma: The pleasant strawberry scent released by these pens can make even mundane tasks a sensory delight.

    🖌 Colourful Palette: With 12 vibrant hues, your notes, doodles, or journals will never look dull.

    🍓 All-Year Summer: No need to wait for strawberry season; enjoy its scent anytime with these pens!

    Why Choose These Scented Gel Pens?
    They offer a multi-sensory experience, combining the joy of colour with the delightful aroma of strawberries.

    Berry-scented gel pens are perfect for note-taking, planning, doodling, and journaling!

    Ages 3+